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Just add water to create a fizzing bubbly experience! Sunrise & Sunset Fizz comes as a red crumble with yellow fizz rocks, and is sprinkled with dried lavender and camomille. Add the crumble and rocks together to create hues of red, yellow and orange. 


350g of Sunrise & Sunset themed Sensory Garden Fizz in a waterproof bag. Only a small amount is needed, so offer small amounts at a time to make your fizz last longer.


Product is for play, not for consumption. Please read our safety disclaimer before use. 


Made with love with a little wildling in toe. Tones amay vary between handmade batches. 


Thank you. Your purchase is helping our local business grow!

Sunrise & Sunset Fizz

  • Avoid contact with eyes. Product is for play, not for consumption. Due to the nature of ingredients, fizz can irritate broken skin. Wash under running water if irritation occurs and refrain from fizz touching the skin. Parents should always take fizz out of the bag.

    Our Fizz is made using food based ingredients. Although it is made using food based ingredients, it is made for play only, not made for consumption. Play should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times, and product is recommended for ages 3+ years. 

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