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350g Calming Lavender Play Dough 


Sensory Garden Lavender Play Dough comes in a lightweight plastic jar. Our play dough is home-made, taste-safe, compostable and non-toxic. Play dough container is recyclable or can be re-used in the home after your dough is finished. 


The benefits of dough play are many - from fine motor skills, building muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, creativity and the list goes on. But what we love most about it is that it is the perfect slow activity for children of all ages that fosters creativity and mindfulness in otherwise fast-paced world. 


Have an older child at home? I encourage you to offer them some dough and spend some time reconnecting, following their lead, remembering to embrace the flow of free play and sharing in joy together. 

Thank you. Your purchase is helping our small business!

Calming Lavender Play Dough

  • Wash hands and surfaces before playing with dough to keep it fresh for longer. Playdough should last 3 months. Always store the dough in an airtight container in a cool place when not using it. Keep it in the fridge once the days become hotter and more humid. If the dough becomes dry add a teaspoon of boiled water at a time and kneed it until fresh again. 

    Playdough is a perishable product. Always use your own discretion on freshness and safety before offering to your child. 

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