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Welcome to Sensory Garden!

Calling all parents and little adventurers! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey at Sensory Garden—a playgroup like no other.


Imagine an Occupational Therapy Certified safe haven where kids aged 6 months and up can unleash their curiosity and ignite their senses, all while you're right there by their side. Come and join us in the great outdoors and let your kids roam, discover, and connect with the wonders of nature in a safe and stimulating environment.


Sensory Garden is where imagination comes to life!

Join us for a sensory play session!

Are you ready for a whole new level of excitement? Look no further than Sensory Garden! We've got you covered with our school term sessions, school holiday fun and private celebrations!

School Term Sessions

Join us for during school term in Lawson, Blue Mountains. Our sensory and messy sessions are especially designed to spark your child's imagination and nurture their love for outdoor play!

School Holiday Sessions

When school holidays kick in, our regular sessions hit pause and are replaced by school holiday sessions! Join us for longer sessions with all the activities Sensory Garden has to offer in one location!

Private Hire

Looking to make your child's special day truly magical? Let Sensory Garden take care of all the fun! Messy trays, mud kitchen, potions stations and more come to your house to celebrate your little bub!

We love sensory garden playgroup! Our son enjoys it so much. Not only is he playing, but he is also learning so much! Everything is safe to taste so he can enjoy himself without any worry! Ksenia is amazing and puts in so much effort every week and it definitely shows.

Adriana M. 



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